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52 Civil War Veterans buried in Clear Lake Cemetery*:

Stout, Thomas
Pratt, Albert
Sutton, William
Wixon, RJ
Thatcher, William
Grimes, Elias
Law, Columbus
Olmsted, Alfred
Vinson, Samuel
Thomas, Joseph
Anderson AP
Maxon, Thomas
Davison, JA
Ingle, Samuel
Joslin, BJ
Gates, John C�may need marker
Marion, Leon
Starkweather, Brewer
Dean, JW
Briggs, Lorenzo
Ingalls, William
Church, Daniel
Goodrich, George
Merrill, Alexander
Hoffman, Joseph
Lowry, JC
Little, RF
Reed, John
Goodwin, Myron
Prentice, Worthy
McCrey, Chauncey
Cross , WW
Ross, William C
Hoserud, Ole
Smith, John
Nelson, William
Gray, Joseph
Knight, Isaac
Statler, JL
Southmayd-no first name
Davis, John
Warren, John
Oliver, W
VanBlaricom, David
Eastwood, JB
Arno, Nelson
Brown, JP
Church, Mark
Wallace, AH
Pratt, Amos
Harmon, Francis?

Civil War Veterans with Clear Lake ties in local Cemeteries:

East Lincoln Cemetery

Bowman, Jonathan
Shaftner, Jas.
Pease, Ira
Marked grave, but unreadable name
Blanchard, William
Hartford, EO
Kerr, Robert

Deer Park Village Cemetery

Finke, Henry
Fouks, Gotlieb
Gilstead, Hans
Johnson, JA
Olson, Ole
Smith, John
Torklelson, T

Reeve/Vance Creek Cemetery

Green, James. KIA. Name on Memorial
Green, Harvey. Name on Memorial
Hoff, John N. Name pending

Maple Knoll (near Deer Park)

Penman, Thomas
Scott, WE

Other Civil War Veterans with ties to Clear Lake:
As of now, research is Uncertain of their Cemetery location.

Anderson, Ernest
Austin, Horace
Baker, JH
Bovee, TA
Belknap, Steven
Bennett, Abraham
Brooks, WH
Brott, CW
Brown, Frank
Brown, JF
Bruno, Lewis
Cail, Jas
Catlin, Frank
Clark, Joe
Connick, James
Cook, Chas
Connor, BE
Cornick, Jas
Cowles, Chas
Crowley, Jon
Cummings, LP
Davis, David
Davis, JW
Dawley, John
Davidson, John
Dean, JW
Dickenson, SB
Dunham, DJ
Eastwood, JB
Ellis, WH
Ellis, William
Fenn, George
Frost, GW
Gates, P
Gordon, William
Guy, Ed
Hanson, Louis
Hart, William
Hrainman, Sam
Hawkins, LL
Huston, MF
Jewett, Chas
Johnson, DW
Johnson, Lars
Jones, Dan
Jones, JW
Laport, John
Larrieu, LD
Lemere, A
Martin, Jacob
McDrew, C
Melbrill, Axel
Nash, JG
Nelson, John
Nelson, Knude
Nichols, WO
Osborne, DW
Ostrander, JW
Parslow, Peter
Proutty, HA
Quaid, John
Reed, HI
Reed, WW
Rogers, Francis
Sandford, John
Simpson, Joe
Slator, GM
Smith, WW
Stanley, Jas
Spicer, DT
Starkweather, SD
Stollen,, Jas
Terrel, LJ
Thatcher, Thos
Thomas, Robert
Vanauken, F
Vassau, C
Vassau, Joseph
Venson, John
Wall, JH
Walsh, Jas
Wallade, Albert
Walther, CL
Waterhouse,  Chas
West, AJ
Wiener, JJ
Wilcox, Julian

1885 Post Office addresses of Civil War Veterans with ties to the Clear Lake area:

Alden Township�������..8 Veterans
Black Brook Township����..11 Veterans
Clayton����������.. 19 Veterans
Clear Lake���������..56 Veterans
Deer Park����������..2 Veterans
East Lincoln���������..3 Veterans
North Reeve���������..1 Veteran

*Weathering of many grave markers makes reading names difficult. On a few headstones, names are nearly obscure. For  a few  graves, there are no markers. In that case, only Clear Lake Cemetery records verify the existence of a buried Civil War Veteran. It is possible, other Civil War Veterans are buried in Clear Lake and surrounding cemeteries. Please help us find and identify them.
If you have any corrections, contact Douglas Cahow at 715 263 2293 or e-mail:

All information was researched by Donald Weber, Douglas and Virginia Cahow�2011.

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