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These men gave their lives while in service for their country.  Death knew no distinction, whether they died in combat or perished in non-hostile circumstances.   Please honor all of our veterans for their sacrifice. Abbreviation Key  

Albertson, Verle - K, KIA Ludke, Arnold, WWII, KIA
Backes, Jacob - WI, DIS Markuson, Clifford - WWII, KIA
Bauerfield, Melvin - K, KIA Martinson, Manville - WWII, KIA
Bird, Jeremy - DS, DIS Nash, Charles - WWII, KIA
Brihan, Adolph - WWI, KIA Nelson, Arden - WWII, KIA
Cahow, Robert - WWII, MIA, KIA Nelson, Sidney - WWI, KIA
Carlson, Gene - WWII, KIA Ness, Kalmer - WWI, KIA
Davis, Wiley - WWI, KIA Olson, Leonard - WWII, KIA
Dobosz, David - V, KIA Oney, George - WWII, KIA
Dodge, Raymond - WWII, KIA Pearson, Bradley - V, KIA
Fall, Elecksey - WWII, KIA Peterson, Lawrence - WWI, DIS
Fitzer, Louis - WWI, KIA Peterson, Tim - V, KIA
Friday, Ralph - WWII, KIA Pittman, Robert - WWII, DIS
Goldsmith, George - 1927, KIA Reed, James - V, DIS
Greene, James - C, KIA Rogness, Halvor - PH, WWII, KIA
Gregerson, Norman - WWII, KIA Scott, Joseph - WWII, KIA
Grosskreutz, Leo - WWI, DIS Seibert, Gilbert - WWII, KIA
 Hahn, Otto - WWI, DIS Selle, William - WWI, DIS
Halverson, Gary - V, KIA Solberg, Roy - WWII, KIA
Harmon, Robert - WWII, KIA Springsteen, Bruce - V, DIS
Heibel, Gilbert - WWII, DIS Streedh, James - K, DIS
Hougdahl, Robert - V, DIS Vick, Eric - WWI, KIA
Hovda, Sanford - K, DIS Vilz, John - WWII, KIA
Hughes, Henry - WWII, KIA Vojta, Leland - WWII, KIA
Jasicki, Alfred - WWII, KIA Wabschall, Fredrick - WWII, KIA
Johnson, George - WWI, DIS Walby, Harry - WWI, DIS
Johnson, Louis - WWII, KIA Ward, Marion - 1939, DIS
Kathrine, Fred - WWII, KIA Ziwisky, Peter - WWI, DIS
Klawitter, Henry - WWII, KIA
Klugow, Leroy - WWII, KIA
Knutson, Chester - WWII, KIA
LaBlanc, Byron - WWII, KIA
Larson, Donald- WWII, KIA
Logan, Ole - WWI, DIS

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Abbreviation Key

DIS Died in Service
KIA Killed in Action
MIA Missing in Action
C Civil War
SA Spanish American War
WWI World War I
WWII World War II
PH Pearl Harbor
K Korea
V Vietnam
PV Post Vietnam
DS Desert Storm
PDS Post Desert Storm

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